epic IT

Unleashing The Power of Information

About Us

epic IT stands out amongst other IT consulting firms due to our combination of exceptional client focus, quality management and extensive knowledge implementing complex solutions for both the public and private sector.

Composed of Senior Level Technology Professionals that have vast experience as managers and Executives, we pride ourselves in having experience on both sides of the table, which allows us to understand the clients’ needs, as well as know what is necessary to ensure a successful implementation of an epic solution.

epic IT is a Columbus, Ohio-based business IT consulting firm whose core competency is creating simplicity and efficiency where people, process and technology intersect.

Guiding Principles


To build trust our clients and employees want to know that epic IT has the intent and competence to deliver on promises made.

Clearly Defined Purpose and Expectations

epic IT will be clear on its intentions and communicate to its clients and employees how their participation makes a difference and what they will receive in return.

Soundness of Technology

epic IT will only align itself with the very best technology organizations that the industry has to offer.

Compelling Environment

epic IT must build for its clients and employees a welcoming and exciting environment.

Long-lasting Value

epic IT will be a high value organization that provides investment protection, cost containment and ease of doing business.